Environmental pollution is a dramatic, harmful and dangerous change in the chemical, physical and biological properties of the environment. The environmental problem has become a serious problem in our country. This problem is increasing now. In our cities, the air is constantly polluted by smoke and carbon monoxide from factories and factories. Excessive use of human groundwater is believed to increase arsenic levels in the water. But humans have to use underwater water for irrigation.

On the other hand, the person is directly responsible for noise pollution. Each type of engine-driven vehicle produces more or less noise. To some extent, the sound was not seen properly. Therefore exceeding the noise limit causes noise pollution, especially in urban areas. As a result, students, officers, and patients in urban areas are severely affected by high levels of pollution, and our natural environment is in considerable danger. Overall, the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the food we eat are not always clean. The land we have occupied in urban and rural areas is polluted with unusable waste, and consequently, untreated sewage polluted water. Industrial waste and pests are a nuisance for water.

Less responsible for dirt and sewage for environmental pollution. An unplanned sanitation system intensifies water pollution on a daily basis, environmental pollution leads to our gradual decay and death. Therefore, to be happy and gay in life, joint efforts of the government and general public will take measures to assess environmental pollution at any time.

Arsenic Pollution –

Arsenic is a toxic white compound of brittle elements. Recently it has been observed that this substance is present in large quantities in the tap water of many districts of Bangladesh. Arsenic poisoning occurs when its use exceeds the tolerance limit. When a small amount of arsenic re-enters the body, it becomes chronic. It is produced in a less toxic form in the liver and is excreted in the urine. When intake exceeds effort, arsenic is added to the hair. Nails, skin. Liver and bones. Arsenic is believed to interfere with cell metabolism, leading to various systemic changes. Arsenic groundwater poisoning will not be managed in the future unless it is immediately addressed by the concerned Bangladeshi government agencies and others. Therefore, we should all be aware of the terrible effects of arsenic pollution and never drink water from a source that does not ensure that arsenic is free.

Water Pollution –

Water. One of the most important elements of our environment. Contaminated in many ways. Humans pollute water by throwing garbage. Farmers use chemical fertilizers and pesticides on their farms. When rain and floods remove some of these chemicals, they are mixed with water in rivers. Canals and pools. Factories and factories dump their toxic chemicals and waste them into rivers and canals, polluting the water. Water containers also pollute rivers by submerging food items into oil and human waste. Polluted toilets and unsafe canals located along river banks and canals cause pollution. Many people suffer from dirty water because this water gives rise to germs along with many diseases. When people drink dirty water, they suffer from waterborne diseases such as cholera and diarrhea. We all need to be aware of the ill effects of water pollution to protect us from the dangers of this pollution.

Summary –

The elements around us like air, water, soil, weather, climate, environment. When natural interactions with these elements are disturbed, the ecological balance is disturbed and is called environmental pollution. Our environment is polluted in many ways. First, with the increase in population, the number of skilled workers. The spread of factories and vehicles producing highly toxic fumes and carbon monoxide from air pollution. Second, water is polluted by industrial waste, toxic chemicals and other contaminants or harmful substances: forests and trees are cut down, thus disrupting ecological balance. We have noise from motor vehicles, planes, household items and more. It is caused by noise pollution, which is no less dangerous than any other type of pollution. These types of pollutants have harmful effects on humans, animals and plants. Air pollution is caused by various respiratory diseases and water pollution is caused by waterborne diseases. Noise pollution affects our hearing. Again all pollution causes environmental imbalance. Therefore, we need to keep the environment pollution free to ensure a safe environment.

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