A webpage is a result of a team working together. A web server can be hardware/software that allows you to provide a webpage to your browser. The browser simply needs to read and decode the instructions, which will display terrible content on the screen. We realized, this is a webpage. 4

This is the time we have learned to put it to good use. You can start by opening a simple text editor like notepad, text edit.

Try to revisit your palace of mind and see the memory of the original HTML framework you have learned. The code uses the same structure.

             <title> My First Webpage </title>
		<p>This my first webpage.</p>

Now save the text file as .html or .htm file. You can call it “webpage.html”. Try opening the file in your web browser.

You will find “This is my first webpage”.

Your first webpage is here. Not beauty

Did you notice anything in the previous code? The indentation made it easy to understand.
Tags are written using small case. Therefore, capitalization should be used throughout the code. All tags are closed in correct order.

It will not work if they do not close the code properly. Socialist Party: Indentation, an art of providing space from the edge, to provide structure in the code. Did you know We love you very much? With some basic knowledge, you have created your first webpage. Surprise!

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