In this article, I will show you how you can build your website without writing any code. In a more simple way, if you want to create and build your first website, or at least a simple, but beautiful website, then you are watching the right video. Without any delay, let’s start. We will use Zyro to create this website. You can find the link in the description below.

The first step is to create your Zyro account. Very easy, just register your details on Once you are registered and logged into your account, you will find a button here named Create Your Website, click here. Now you have lots of templates to use. Now you can select a template, edit it the way you want, and then convert it to your website. So, here are several subdivisions with e-commerce, business, portfolio resumes, events, and then landing pages.

Now I want to create a simple portfolio website. So let me look at some of these topics here. You can click the preview button to preview a specific template. You can choose whether you want to use that template or switch to another template.

By the way, I liked this template. I think I’ll use it and can even resize the device here, I go, so I can switch to tablet view. Then I can switch to mobile view. Yes, it is beautiful So I will go ahead and edit this template. I will make my website. To do this, I can click the simplify button. This will take you to a web developer.

As you can see, we can drag and drop these elements as we wish, and customize this template as much as we want. So first things first, I’ll replace the default name with my name. Then I changed the links of social media icons to link to my social media accounts. Here, I get a brief description of myself, you know, I think this text is the first thing a visitor reads on my website.

So I want to make it attractive, I want to describe myself briefly here, here in this lesson, I will edit it and write about myself in a little more detail. It’s a good thing. Here, I will edit this button and change the text to communicate. When a user clicks on it, I want to make sure that it is redirected to their mail client, and they can send me an email so that I can click on the email and enter my email here. So now the next part is to change this image, remove this default image and put my image here, click on change image and select the image I want to change. Then I can upload an image from my computer. There you have it, changed. Yes, I will delete all these pictures right here because I am not a photographer or have too many images to reveal, nor do you have a showcase on my website. Instead, I wanted to add one of my YouTube videos that I am proud to see on my YouTube channel as a kind of perspective.

So what I will do is I will delete all these photos. Then I add an element, add a video, drag and drop on it, copy and paste my videos here. There you go, the video is embedded now, I can zoom so that it fits exactly at that location. So yes, it is also good. Regarding this, I have put a simple text here which is one of my YouTube videos, you know, the emoticon indicates below.

Yes right Now, I want to link my portfolio website to my YouTube channel. So let’s add a button, go to add an element, and then drag the button and link to my YouTube channel so that when the user clicks on it, it will be taken to my channel on YouTube in a new tab. Now, I would like to show some of my projects on GitHub. So I add a text there. I would say that we have some projects here on GitHub. Now it wants to create three projects from my GitHub, so I’ll add any confusion with the name of my project because you know, it seems very interactive on the website, I made this image in Adobe Spark, you know, it’s not is. Text in that particular background. Below this picture, I would like to summarize that project. In addition, I would like to add a link to the image so that when the user clicks on that image, they will be moved to projects storage in GitHub. So this is correct.

Now I will give priority to these things. I’m going, you know, maybe two, three can do it. Well, I need to add three projects like this. This is right. I will add a button to my GitHub here so that if anyone clicks on it, they will be taken to my GitHub account, where all repositories will be displayed. So, if they want to see more of our projects, they can click that button. Well, it’s fun, preview the website. Yes, it is beautiful Now, I would like to add another page called Upcoming Projects.

Whenever I work on a project I am always open to collaborations that I want people to work on with me. So I wanted to create a form that users could connect to my project. So I am going to create a new page here and call it upcoming projects. On this page, I can go ahead and add a part of it. You can see that many default categories are available. You can choose whatever you want. But I will choose a very basic option here. Then I edit the text and put it into upcoming projects. I will add one of my upcoming projects here because that is what I am currently doing. So I will add some text to describe the title of the project and then what the project will be.

Finally, I will now add a contact form through which people can request to join the program. So I can really go ahead and edit this form and edit the places I like, I like the name of the person submitting this form, I want their age, I want, You know, I know their email address. I want to know what their skills are. So I will add these four areas. I can also configure the success message that the user sees after submitting a form. Yes, that’s it. So I check it, it looks good. So I’ve created my website, I’m glad you can click on the publication website.

As soon as I publish it, you will find that I actually host it as a zyro subdomain. So if you don’t want to spend any money, then you have the whole thing. But you get a subdomain like this. But still, I get a membership. So I will go ahead and activate the membership. In addition, I have an unpublished subscription, which also offers a free domain, meaning that when I get this membership, I will be given a domain for one year at no cost. But I will not use it because I already have a registered domain, which applies to this portfolio website.

The domain is called data from dot tech. So I link the website built in Zyro to my existing domain, I can just go to the domain settings and then enter the domain I want to link to. Basically, all I have to do is convert the domain name servers to zyro servers already. After 20 to 30 minutes, the changes take effect, and my domain links to my Zyra website. Whenever I go into this kind of technology, you can see the designer exiting, ie the domain is successfully linked.


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